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Impact Fees

What is an Impact Fee?
Impact fees are a charge made by county or city governments and are used to pay for the impact of new development on infrastructure.  At some point when new homes are built, it may be necessary to build a new fire station, or a new school.  Existing homes have no such fee.

How are Impact Fees Used?
As cities and communities grow more burden is placed on roads, parks, fire houses, schools, water and sewer treatment plants, and police stations. The impact fees are not used for upkeep on existing facilities.  For example, a road impact fee cannot be used to re-surface an existing road, but it can be used to add an additional lane to the highway.

Water and sewer impact fees cannot be used for general maintenance of the treatment plants, but can be used to increase capacity of the facility. The cost of these fees vary from area to area.

How Much Are Impact Fees?
Impact Fees differ from area to area, and every municipality has different costs. The municipalities that we deal with are:

  • Unincorporated Lee County
  • Unincorporated Collier County
  • Hendry County
  • Glades County
  • The City of Cape Coral
  • The City of Fort Myers
  • The City of Bonita Springs
  • The Town of Fort Myers Beach
  • The Village of Estero
  • The City of Marco Island
  • The City of Naples
  • The City of Punta Gorda

Impact fees are normally collected when a permit is applied for. There are municipalities that collect the fee at the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the home.

Impact Fees on Homes That Are Destroyed.
If a house is destroyed by fire or storm, or if the house is purposely demolished, there will be no impact fees when the home is rebuilt. The impact to the system and infrastructure is deemed to have been made when the home was originally built.