FIRST IN A SERIES: On Your Lot Site Development Costs

An Overview
The cost of building a house can vary considerably from lot to lot. There are two things that lead to a final price in a home. One of those is the bricks and mortar used to build the structure. The other is the cost to develop the property on which the house sits. Depending on where the lot is located there can be a large swing of costs.

Impact Fees
One site development cost are the fees associated with that particular piece of property. These fees are called Impact Fees. Impact Fees attempt to make growth pay for growth. When new homes are built there is a burden placed on infrastructure. New roads, parks, schools, fire and police stations, water and sewer impact fees for expansion of existing facilities are just a few. Impact Fees can very widely from area to area.

Water and Sewer Fees
There are tap in fees for water and sewer. These are different from impact fees. These are the physical cost of tapping in and water meters. These fees vary from area to area.

Well and Septic System Costs
The cost of a well and conditioning equipment is not consistent. It depends on how far below the surface an aquifer is and what the quality of the water is. The same goes with a septic system. Bad soils below the system will need to be removed and replaced with good soil.

Site Preparation, Fill and Grading
Some properties needs fill, others don’t. There are requirements we follow to properly elevate the house so that it doesn’t flood. We want to make sure the house is above the road, above the flood height requirement, and is high enough, if a septic system is used, for gravity flow from the house into the septic system.

Landscaping, Sod and Sprinkler System
When finishing the house, sod (based on square footage) will be installed. Landscaping, a sprinkler system, and a storm culvert will also be installed.

To get accurate estimates of costs certain information may be needed. A survey or septic design could be needed to provide more accurate figures. We would be happy to give our opinion on your lot or help guide you with cost estimates if you are purchasing one.